Monitor your web projects and servers

Develop, deploy, and we do the rest. is the stethoscope of developers

By and for web developers.

Simple installation

Add LogRiver into your project will not take you more than 10 seconds.

Errors in real time

Bugs, errors and information are displayed in one place.

Bye bye bugs

Eradicate problems, improve performance and make your customers happy.

« It's already fixed... »

This is what you will respond when a user will contact you for a bug.

Real time

Be instantly notified of each event on your project.


Whatever your favorite programming language, you will still find a connector to integrate into your projects. We currently support PHP, Python and Node.js

Open Source

The source code of the connectors in different programming languages ​​is open source.
Rendez-vous sur notre GitHub.


Treat incidents in the order of your choice and go back in time to take care of the older.

Private and secure

Our facilities use only SSL encrypted connections in 2048 bits.


We answer all messages to never leave you alone with a question.